National Road Bikeway

Rules & Regulations

  • No Motorized Vehicles - Wheelchair use is encouraged
  • Stay on Bikeway- Private Property on each side
  • Open during Daylight Hours only
  • Pedestrians and Disabled have Right of Way
  • Vehicle crossings at streets & driveways have Right of Way
  • Keep to the Right and Do Not Block Bikeway
  • Give Audible "Passing on Left" Signal before Passing
  • Keep Pets on 4' Leash & Under Control
  • Clean Up After Your Pet
  • 15 MPH SPEED LIMIT - No Ramps
  • Helmets & All Safety Equipment Recommended
  • No Skateboards, Horses, Golf Carts, or Shooting
  • No Hunting, Fires, or Power Model Toys
  • Possession of Alcohol or Use of the Bikeway under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol is Prohibited
  • Use Extra Caution When Sharing the Bike Lane & Street Routes with Motorized Vehicles
  • Use the Bikeway Quietly & with Courtesy to our Neighbors
  • No Jumps or Stunts on Bikes, Rollerblades, Etc.
  • No Radios or Walkmans
  • No Littering Including Cigarettes or Tobacco Products


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