If there is an EMERGENCY, please call 911!

All other inquiries can call the Police Department at 740.695.0123.

Contact the Police via Email

You can contact individual Police officers by selecting their email address below. Please be sure to include a phone number, email or contact information within your email message if you wish to receive a response from the Officer. Thank you.

St. Clairsville Police Department
Title Name Phone Number Email
Chief Jeff Henry 740.695.0123 jhenry@stclairsville.com
Officer Matthew Arbenz 740.695.0123 marbenz@stclairsville.com
Officer Mike Clark 740.695.0123 mclark@stclairsville.com
Officer T. J. Weyand 740.695.0123 tweyand@stclairsville.com
Officer Jeff Gazdik 740.695.0123 jgazdik@stclairsville.com
Officer Greg Clark 740.695.0123 gclark@stclairsville.com
Officer T. J. Stewart 740.695.0123 tjstewart@stclairsville.com
Officer Mike Troullos 740.695-0123 mtroullos@stclairsville.com
Officer Adam Porter 740.695.0123 aporter@stclairsville.com
Tact Officer Judy McMillan 740.695.0123 jmcmillan@stclairsville.com
Dispatchers General Department Mailbox 740.695-0123 stcpolice@stclairsville.com