City of St. Clairsville

On behalf of the City, Mayor Thalman accepts “2020 Cooperator of the Year Award” from Belmont SWCD – Read More...

Donations to assist delinquent utility account holders must be directed to the St. Clairsville Council of Churches – Read More...

Planning & Zoning Office Forms

  • Certificate of Zoning Compliance – Zoning Permit Application: This form needs to be completed, submitted, and approved before beginning any construction project.
  • Home Occupation: Permits are required by the City Code for any resident who wishes to perform a professional service out of their home.
  • Right of Way Utility Permit: If you plan to dig within the right-of-way of the City adjacent to either a street or an alley, for example, you need to complete this form before you or a contractor initiates any work. In addition, please refer to the O.U.P.S. information before beginning any digging or excavation project.
  • Sign Permit: Permits are required by the City Code for any new business sign or modification to an existing business sign.