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Community Garden


April 22, 2020

During the past month, City leaders and I have spent dozens of hours working to keep things up and running in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. By teleconference, we have been meeting with all of our stakeholders impacted by the pandemic. This includes government officials, lawyers, consultants, business people, employees, and citizens. We want to understand their needs in this time of uncertainty. We still do not know how long the current restrictions will last. As the mayor, I have a responsibility to maintain a functional government that provides people with essential services. We’ve been successful to date in meeting this challenge.

This Spring, I have determined that the Community Garden does not make the list of essential services. Furthermore, the Community Garden cannot be undertaken within the physical distancing requirement to which City employees — and the public — must adhere for everyone’s safety. Primarily for these reasons, I regret to report that we have placed the Community Garden on hold until the Spring of 2021.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this extraordinary time!

–Mayor Kathryn Thalman

The community garden opened in 2009 with 30 plots. In 2016, the garden was redesigned with 33-4 foot wide garden beds to allow for easier access and gardening activities. The garden includes a shed where tools may be kept, a central herb bed, compost bins, and an 8 foot high wildlife fence. A landscaped gazebo sits just behind the garden thanks to an Eagle project of a St. Clairsville Boy Scout.  The garden is open each year from the end of April to October.

For additional information or to apply for a bed, please contact the City at 740-695-1324 or by email at

Community Garden Registration

The Community Garden Registration Form can be printed using the link below, and mailed to:

St. Clairsville Community Garden
City of St. Clairsville

100 North Market Street, Box 537

St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950

Registration Form

Community Garden Guidelines

Updated:  June 3rd, 2019

  1. I will pay an annual non-refundable fee of $15 – $30 to help cover garden expenses.
  2. I will pay $2 for a new key in the event my issued key is lost.
  3. I will have something planted in the garden by June 1st, keep it planted and tended all summer long, and remove all plantings, stakes, and debris at the end of the summer.
  4. I will not plant perennials, trees or poisonous plants in my garden. (This includes perennials such as strawberries, asparagus, or perennial herbs.)
  5. Since the garden has neither trash cans nor trash pickup, I will take any non-compostable trays, pots, plant tags, etc. with me when I leave the garden for the day.
  6. I will keep weeds to a minimum in and around my garden, and if I need help or am unable to tend my garden space, I will notify the Garden Coordinator.
  7. I understand that the City may utilize weed killer to clear garden paths and fence lines and that any plants outside of my assigned plot may be subjected to drift. Note: Spraying, when necessary, will be done prior to 5 AM to avoid drift onto assigned plots.
  8. If I must abandon my plot for any reason, I will notify the Garden Coordinator.
  9. I understand that I will be given two weeks to clean up my area if it becomes unkept. If a need for the plot to be reassigned or tilled is enforced, a one week notice will be given.
  10. I will keep pathways, plots and fences free of trash and litter.
  11. Equipment and tools in the shed are for the use of all, and I agree to return anything used to the shed prior to leaving the garden for the day.
  12. I understand that I have to commit my time to maintain my garden plot.
  13. I will pick only my crops (unless given permission by another garden member).
  14. I will not use fertilizers, pesticides, or weed killers, synthetic or organic, in a manner that will run off or drift to another gardener’s plot or plants.
  15. I agree not to bring any pets to the garden area.
  16. I understand that neither the garden group nor owners of the land are responsible for my actions. Therefore, I agree to hold harmless Garden Group and owners of the land for any liability, damage, loss, or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the garden by me or any of my guests.
  17. All garden concerns should be directed to the Garden Coordinator.
  18. I understand failure to comply with guidelines will result in subsequent non-renewal of space in the community garden.