City of St. Clairsville


Starting on Monday April 29, 2024, James White will begin patching the paving for the water line distribution project. Orchard Drive will be closed for paving starting at the Intersection of Rt 40 and Orchard. Then moving to the south at the intersection of Orchard and Edgewood.  We are asking that the property owners do not park on the street during this time, so that the work can be completed. If the property owners need out of their driveway, all that they will need to do is talk to the contractors on site and they will work with getting them in and out of their driveways.

They will then move to Norris Street when completed.

They will be working in other areas in the coming weeks.

The concrete sidewalks on the south side of East Main (Rt 40 east) Street have started ( forms and prep work) and concrete will start on Monday.  

Drinking Water Notice 2.12.2024

Below (PDF) is a Drinking Water Notice provided by the City of St. Clairsville showing the levels of total Haloacetic Acids were above drinking standard levels put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As stated in the document the levels above standard do not pose an immediate risk. The EPA requires the City to notify each customer of the results of any violation. This has been mailed out to every customer.

The City of St. Clairsville continuously monitors the drinking water provided to its customers and will take extra steps to ensure the drinking water is at peak level for consumption. It is a high priority for the City to provide excellent-quality water to our customers and we take the violations seriously and move to fix any issues immediately.  If there are any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Municipal Building at 740-695-0156 or the Water Department at 740-695-1161