City of St. Clairsville

City Officials

City Council

Title Name Term Expires Phone Number Email
Mayor Kathryn Thalman 12/31/2023 740-695-1324 kthalman@stclairsville.comEmail
Director of Public Service/Safety Jeremy Greenwood Appointed 740-695-0156 jgreenwood@stclairsville.comEmail
Council President Jim Velas 12/31/2025 740-695-9152 jvelas@stclairsville.comEmail
Finance Director Annette Williams Appointed 740-695-0880 awilliams@stclairsville.comEmail
Director of Law Elizabeth Glick Appointed 740-695-0533 lawdirector@stclairsville.comEmail
First Ward Councilman Don Vincenzo 12/31/2025 740-310-7581 dvincenzo@stclairsville.comEmail
Second Ward Councilman Jeff Thrash 12/31/2025 740-359-3135 jthrash@stclairsville.comEmail
Third Ward Councilwoman Kristi Lee Lipscomb 12/31/2025 740-695-1256 klipscomb@stclairsville.comEmail
Fourth Ward Councilwoman Terra Butler 12/31/2025 740-827-7359 tbutler@stclairsville.comEmail
Council-At-Large Mike Smith 12/31/2023 740-310-4247 msmith@stclairsville.comEmail
Council-At-Large Beth Oprisch 12/31/2023 740-695-2278
Council-At-Large Linda Jordan 12/31/2023 740-695-4383 ldjstc@comcast.netEmail
Council Clerk Jacob DeBertrand Appointed 740-695-1324

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date Time
City Council First and Third Monday each month* 7:00 P.M.
Board of Architectural Review First Monday each month* 4:00 P.M.
Planning Commission Second Monday each month* 6:00 P.M.
Utility Committee First Monday each month* 6:15 P.M. (effective Aug. 1, 2022)
Police Committee Third Monday each month* Immediately following regular City Council meeting
Finance Committee Third Monday each month* 6:15 P.M.
Recreation Board Third Thursday each month* 4:30 P.M.

* If a federal holiday falls on a Monday when the City Council or a committee is scheduled to meet, the meeting usually is held on the following day at the scheduled time. Since the committee schedules may vary, please check with the City (740-695-1324) if you are in doubt about a specific meeting date.

City Council Committees 2022

Finance Mike Smith, Chair Don Vincenzo Terra Butler
Utility Terra Butler, Chair Beth Oprisch Mike Smith
Police Beth Oprisch, Chair Mike Smith Don Vincenzo
Streets – North Don Vincenzo, Chair Beth Oprisch Terra Butler
Streets – South Jeff Thrash, Chair Beth Oprisch Kristi Lee Lipscomb
Safety Jeff Thrash, Chair Linda Jordan Kristi Lee Lipscomb
Buildings & Grounds Linda Jordan, Chair Mike Smith Jeff Thrash
Employee Relations Kathryn Thalman, Mayor Jim Velas, Council President
Planning Commission Kristi Lee Lipscomb
Fire District Linda Jordan
Park District Linda Jordan
Recreation Kristi Lee Lipscomb

Ward Map with City Council contact information_10 2022

Alphabetical list of City Streets and Ward