City of St. Clairsville


St. Clairsville Superintendents & Senior Staff

Department Name / Title Phone Number Email
Public Service & Safety Jeremy Greenwood, Director 740-695-0156 jgreenwood@stclairsville.comEmail
General Services/Light & Power Don Smithberger, Superintendent 740-695-7280 dsmithberger@stclairsville.comEmail
Light & Power William Burns, Deputy Superintendent 740-695-7280 wburns@stclairsville.comEmail
Street Darin Pytlak, Superintendent 740-695-3151 dpytlak@stclairsville.comEmail
Water Jeff Mottle, Operator of Record 740-695-1161 jmottle@stclairsville.comEmail
Waste Water Michael Reed, Superintendent 740-695-0191 mreed@stclairsville.comEmail
Finance Annette Williams, Director 740-695-0880 awilliams@stclairsville.comEmail
Police Matthew Arbenz, Chief 740-695-0123 marbenz@stclairsville.comEmail
Parks & Recreation Eric Gay, Director 740-695-2037 egay@stclairsville.comEmail
Planning & Zoning Tom Murphy, Administrator 740-695-1953 tmurphy@stclairsville.comEmail
Municipal Utilities Office Anita Robinson, Manager 740-695-1410 arobinson@stclairsville.comEmail

Other City Boards & Commissions

Planning Commission Kathryn Thalman, MayorA.J. Smith Emily Shortall Mike Smith
Board of Zoning Appeals Jared SloanMark Loy Randy Bernard Ed Reese
Civil Service Commission Michael Kasper Mike Klinec Mark Sommers
Board of Architectural Review William Hooker Chris HudsonBrewster Martin Brad BreischPeggy Riccadonna Jayne Long

Audrey Brahler

Records Commission Kathryn Thalman, Mayor Annette Williams
Belmont County Board of Health
Memorial Park District
Fire District Board John Slavik
Board of Tax Review Mike Smith Jason Garczyk Lynn Jeffries
Recreation Board Ed BoberAlicia Freeman Diane SchubertJennifer Johnson Cinda WeisgerberKevin Sacco Jeremy Greenwood,Safety Director