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Water Saving Tips

Toilets are a common source of high water usage and can develop “silent leaks.” Water can be leaking through the toilet and into the sewer system without the consumer being aware until a high water bill is noticed. Water would not be seen on the floor around the base of the toilet. This is why the situation is referred to as a “silent leak.”

Dye strips for testing toilets are available at the St. Clairsville Municipal Utilities Office. Be sure to flush the toilet and wait until it fills and stops. Drop the dye strip in the tank of the toilet and wait 15 to 20 minutes. If there is dye evident in the toilet bowl, the toilet likely has a “silent leak.” The consumer may wish to call a plumber if they cannot repair the toilet themselves. Or, turn the water valves off and on each time the toilet is used. “Silent leaks” on a toilet can and do use several thousand gallons of water each month. If you notice a high bill, check the toilet first.

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