City of St. Clairsville
City of St. Clairsville


The City administration and crews daily work to address the needs of the residents of the City of St. Clairsville. Our highest priorities include: ensuring the public’s safety; providing electricity, and water and sewer utilities; and maintaining the many miles of the City’s streets and alleys.

Long-term growth prospects and the upgrade of existing City assets are the driving forces behind the City’s efforts. Out of sight but never out of mind, City administrators are constantly evaluating the viability of the City’s underground infrastructure. This includes budgeting, securing the design of, and planning for the upgrade of the network of pipes which serve our residents. Thanks to a $5 million Ohio BUILDS grant which the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency awarded the City in December, 2021, the City has accelerated its scheduled citywide water distribution upgrade project. Overseeing growth and construction efforts is an expanding role of the City’s administration.

As all residents are aware, our streets are in constant use, requiring snow removal in the winter, patching year round, the channeling of water for everyone’s safety, signage and guard rail decisions, as well as the near annual focus on repaving the streets in greatest need of repair.

Along with these fixed assets, the City’s staff also works to provide and maintain amenities which set St. Clairsville apart from other local communities in the Ohio Valley. We are fortunate to be able to offer for all of our residents many recreation options which include the National Road Bikeway and the Recreation Center. In addition, the City’s beautification efforts last year round through the display of flower baskets and tree planting in the downtown area, as well as the maintenance of Central Park and Halloran Park.

If you have any EMERGENCY, call 911 immediately. For all non-emergency inquiries, please call the City’s Police Department on 740-695-0123.  For after-hours utilities-related service disruptions (electric, water or sewer ONLY), please call 740-695-1410 to connect with the City’s answering service.

If an issue arises which you believe needs attention in general, please call the head of the City’s relevant department (listed under City Government tab) or the Director of Safety and Public Service  (740-695-0156). Ideas for short-term or long-term City improvements also are welcome. We will discuss any idea to determine its feasibility for future planning and whether it provides benefits for the community at large. We look forward to hearing from you in the days ahead.