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December 5th, 2016 Council Minutes

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Once approved, a link to the official council minutes will be at the bottom.


December 5, 2016

St. Clairsville City Council met in Council Chambers on Monday, December 5, 2016 with the following present

Jim Weisgerber, Council President Terry Pugh, Mayor

Mark Bukmir, Council 3rd Ward Jim Zucal, Service Director

Linda Jordan, Council-At-Large Jeff Henry, Police Chief

Beth Oprisch, Council-At-Large Tom Murphy, Planning & Zoning Administrator

Jake Olsavsky, Council, 1st Ward Richard Myser, Law Director

Frank Sabatino, Council 2nd Ward Cindi Henry, Finance Director

Mike Smith, Council-At-Large Don Smithberger, Electric Superintendent

The meeting was called to order by Council President Jim Weisgerber.


Minutes of the November 21, 2016 meeting were distributed to Council. A motion to accept the minutes was made by Mike Smith and seconded by Jake Olsavsky.

Roll Call Vote

Bukmir Yes Olsavsky Yes

Jordan Yes Sabatino Yes

Oprisch Yes Smith Yes

Roll Call Vote: Six (6) Yes Zero (0) No Motion Approved


There were no Citizens present who wished to address Council.


Service Director: Jim Zucal

Attended an O.D.O.T. local training session at New Philadelphia on how to proceed with grant applications. It was a good training session.

The RBC project at the Wastewater Plant is progressing well. The next five RBCs are to be delivered next week. It is about 90% complete. It has been a very successful project for the City.

On the Legion Road project I do ask for support tonight on Resolution # 2016-40 for the emergency funding for the repairs. I appreciate Council’s support.

Mayor, Terry Pugh

On Thanksgiving evening we had a water break and a problem with a transformer. I do want to thank Don Smithberger and his men and Scott Brown and his men because neither problem was fixed until 1:30 in the morning.

I would like the appointed committee to report to Council where they are at on reviewing the Personnel Policy. If necessary we can set up a meeting with Clemans Nelson to answer any questions. I would like to stay with the schedule so it can go into effect on January 1st. The committee members felt in all it was very good but had a few questions. Frank Sabatino: It is something we need in the city. We will need to in-service our personnel so that they understand it. I am sure that will be taken care of. Over all it is well written. Mayor Pugh: This is definitely something the City needed.

I received information about the C.H.I.P. grant money which comes through Belmont County and Martins Ferry. The C.H.I.P program can help if your house is in need of emergency repair. Any Belmont County Resident who meets the income guidelines can apply.

Police Chief, Jeff Henry: No Report

Finance Director, Cindi Henry:

Next meeting I will be bringing the totality of the money moves that have been made to finish out the year for passage.

Planning & Zoning, Tom Murphy

Much of the grading is still going on for the Senior Living Facility at St. Clair Commons. Because the weather has been so nice this fall they have been able to progress pretty nicely. We met with them last week and we mentioned the Planning Commission meeting. They still have some items to get to us before we can set that meeting up.

Around St. Mary’s they are starting to remove some trees. The parking lot on the upper side on the west side of the parking lot there is a substantial railroad tie retaining wall that is being replaced with a new wall and sidewalk. It is a pretty substantial project for that site.

No new word on the location of the new office building where the Dairy Dream used to be.


Finance, David Trouten: Not Present

Utilities, Frank Sabatino:

Just like to follow up on what the Mayor said about the City workers. They are out there fixing the problem but also facing the elements. Thanks again to everyone.

Police, Mark Bukmir: We will have a short Police Meeting after the regular Council Meeting.

Street North Side, Jake Olsavsky: No Report

Street South Side, Linda Jordan: No Report

Safety, Beth Oprisch: No Report

Building & Grounds, Mark Bukmir: No Report

Planning Commission, Mike Smith: No Report

Fire District, Frank Sabatino

The Fire Board met in regular session on November 30th. Opened the bids for the old squad car. We talked about a grant opportunity for an EMS fire escape unit. Put in motion for the purchase of a new Ambulance for the year 2017. Talked about the Fire Station improvement plan. Approved a full time hire. Next meeting will be Wednesday, December 28th for our regular meeting and our reorganization meeting.

Recreation, David Trouten: Not Present

Park District, Linda Jordan:

The next meeting will be December 19th.


Law Director, Richard Myser

Tonight we only have one piece of legislation to consider Resolution No. 2016-40. I have language in here to declare this an emergency if Council so chooses. I think the Service Director would like to get moving on this and get the bids out as soon as possible. We will not be going into Executive Session tonight.

There was presented and read to Council on its first reading by title only, RESOLUTION NO. 2016-40; A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC SERVICES TO ADVERTISE FOR BIDS FOR THE REPAIR OF THE ROAD SLIP ON LEGION ROAD AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. Beth Oprisch moved that the rules requiring ordinances and resolutions to be read on three separate readings be suspended and declaring an emergency; Jake Olsavsky seconded the motion.

Roll Call Vote

Bukmir Yes Olsavsky Yes

Jordan Yes Sabatino Yes

Oprisch Yes Smith Yes

Roll Call Vote: Six (6) Yes Zero (0) No Motion Approved

There was presented and read to Council on it third and final reading by title only, RESOLUTION NO. 2016-40. Linda Jordan moved that Resolution No. 2016-40 be passed by Council. Jake Olsavsky seconded the motion.

Roll Call Vote

Bukmir Yes Olsavsky Yes

Jordan Yes Sabatino Yes

Oprisch Yes Smith Yes

Roll Call Vote: Six (6) Yes Zero (0) No Motion Approved

Resolution No. 2016-40 was declared adopted.

NEW BUSINESS: Linda Jordan: Since we have an audio of the minutes does anybody object to the Clerk doing a summary of the minutes as opposed to word for word? Beth Oprisch: I do not object. Richard Myser: This is the first time that I have seen a word for word report given. I think it would be appropriate and a lot less work for the Clerk. A motion was made by Linda Jordan and seconded by Jake Olsavsky for the Clerk to only do a summary of the Council Meeting.

Roll Call Vote

Bukmir Yes Olsavsky Yes

Jordan Yes Sabatino Yes

Oprisch Yes Smith Yes

Roll Call Vote: Six (6) Yes Zero (0) No Motion Approved

NEXT MEETING: Monday, December 19, 2016 – 7:30 p.m. in Council Chamber

There being no other business to come before Council a motion to adjourn was made by Jake Olsavsky and seconded by Mike Smith.

December 5th, 2016 Council Minutes