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Leaf pickup schedule in the City of St. Clairsville

Posted on October 2nd, 2018 by


DATE:            October 1, 2018


SUBJECT:      St. Clairsville’s Leaf Pickup


The City of St. Clairsville’s Street Department will begin collecting bagged leaves on October 15, 2018.  All bagged leaves must be in paper lawn and leaf bags (not plastic) since these bags can be composted easily.  Many local stores carry the required paper lawn and leaf bags.

All bagged leaves should be placed near the curb but not on the sidewalk or street.

The City also will collect loose leaves by machine as they have in the past.  The loose leaf collection may begin as early as November 5, 2018.  The loose leaves must be raked within 10 feet of the curb but not placed on the streets.

The City is unable to accept any yard clippings, garden waste, tree and/or shrub debris of any kind.

If residents have any questions, please call 740-695-3151, 740-695-1324 or 740-695-0156.

Thank you.