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48-Hour Boil Order for Toni Lane beginning at 8:10 PM on Wed.

Posted on August 5th, 2020 by


TO:                       Media, Residents

FR:                        City of St. Clairsville

RE:                        Toni Lane under 48-Hour Boil Order

DATE:                   August 5, 2020



Beginning at 8:10 PM, a 48-Hour Boil Order is in effect for City of St. Clairsville residents on Toni Lane ONLY.  The boil order is needed due to an unexpected water valve break on Toni Lane this afternoon.

Residents may experience discoloration due to the repair.  Any other utility customer who may have experienced water loss today in this vicinity also should comply with the boil order.

If questions, please call the Municipal Utilities Office on 740-695-1410.  Thank you.