City of St. Clairsville

Ohio Auditor of State visits Mayor Thalman and City’s Finance Director

Posted on December 4th, 2020 by


TO:             Media and Public

FROM:       Mayor Kathryn Thalman

DATE:         December 3, 2020



Mayor Kathryn Thalman welcomes Ohio Auditor of State Keith Faber to the City of St. Clairsville on Thursday morning.  Mr. Faber and his staff met with Annette Williams, the City’s Finance Director, and Mayor Thalman to discuss COVID-19 funding and related fiscal matters.

“Auditor Faber was generous with his time as he answered a wide range of questions for us.  Annette also raised a few issues with Auditor Faber which he indicated could help other communities around the state as well,” Mayor Thalman stated.  This meeting precedes the release of the next round of COVID funding which may need to be spent by the end of the month.

“From day one, we also have appreciated the professional guidance which Belmont County Auditor Anthony Rocchio has provided.  Anthony is quick to respond to questions and keeps us abreast of the latest Statehouse news and agency interpretations,” Mayor Thalman stressed.  She continued, “daily I also am grateful for the efforts of Annette [Williams] and Jeremy Greenwood, the City’s new Public Service/Safety Director.  They have cheerfully and successfully worked with Police Chief Matt Arbenz and Superintendent of General Services, Don Smithberger, to meet the staffing and emergency supply needs of the various departments to the benefit of all City residents.  We have developed quite the team during this difficult time,” reflected Mayor Thalman.