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Ordinance Number 2022-20

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WHEREAS, certain provisions within the Codified Ordinances should be amended to conform with current State law as required by the Ohio Constitution; and

WHEREAS, various ordinances of a general and permanent nature have been passed by Council which should be included in the Codified Ordinances; and

WHEREAS, the City has heretofore entered into a contract with the Walter H. Drane Company to prepare and publish such revision, which is presently before Council.


SECTION I:  That the ordinances of the City of St. Clairsville, Ohio, of a general and permanent nature, as revised, recodified, rearranged and consolidated into component codes, titles, chapters and sections within the 2019 reprinting of the Codified Ordinances are hereby approved and adopted.

SECTION II:  That the following sections and chapters are hereby added, amended or repealed as respectively indicated in order to comply with current State law:

Traffic Code

301.04             Bicycle, Motorized Bicycle, Moped, Electric Bicycle.  (Amended)

301.20             Motor Vehicle.  (Amended)

301.251           Predicate Motor Vehicle Offense.  (Amended)

301.361           Shared-Use Path.  (Amended)

301.51             Vehicle.  (Amended)

301.53             Waste Collection Vehicle.  (Added)

303.06             Freeway Use Restricted.  (Amended)

303.991           Committing an Offense While Distracted Penalty.  (Added)

313.01             Obedience to Traffic Control Devices.  (Amended)

313.09             Driver’s Duties Upon Approaching Ambiguous Traffic Signal.  (Amended)

331.01             Driving Upon Right Side of Roadway; Exceptions.  (Amended)

331.02             Passing to Right When Proceeding in Opposite Directions.  (Amended)

Traffic Code (Cont.)

331.03             Overtaking, Passing to Left; Driver’s Duties.  (Amended)

331.04             Overtaking and Passing Upon Right.  (Amended)

331.05             Overtaking, Passing to Left of Center.  (Amended)

331.06             Additional Restrictions on Driving upon Left Side of Roadway.  (Amended)

331.07             Hazardous or No Passing Zones.  (Amended)

331.08             Driving in Marked Lanes or Continuous Lines of Traffic.  (Amended)

331.09             Following Too Closely.  (Amended)

331.10             Turning at Intersections.  (Amended)

331.12             “U” Turns Restricted.  (Amended)

331.13             Starting and Backing Vehicles.  (Amended)

331.14             Signals Before Changing Course, Turning or Stopping.  (Amended)

331.15             Hand and Arm Signals.  (Amended)

331.16             Right of Way at Intersections.  (Amended)

331.17             Right of Way When Turning Left.  (Amended)

331.18             Operation of Vehicle at Yield Signs.  (Amended)

331.19             Operation of Vehicle at Stop Signs.  (Amended)

331.20             Emergency or Public Safety Vehicles at Stop Signals or Signs.  (Amended)

331.22             Driving Onto Roadway From Place Other Than Roadway: Duty to Yield.  (Amended)

331.23             Driving Onto Roadway From Place Other Than Roadway: Stopping at Sidewalk.  (Amended)

331.24             Right of Way of Funeral Procession.  (Amended)

331.26             Driving Upon Street Posted as Closed for Repair.  (Amended)

331.27             Following and Parking Near Emergency or Safety Vehicles.  (Amended)

331.28             Driving Over Fire Hose.  (Amended)

331.29             Driving Through Safety Zone.  (Amended)

331.30             One-Way Streets and Rotary Traffic Islands.  (Amended)

331.31             Driving Upon Divided Roadways.  (Amended)

331.33             Obstructing Intersection, Crosswalk or Grade Crossing.  (Amended)

331.37             Driving Upon Sidewalks, Street Lawns or Curbs.  (Amended)

331.40             Stopping at Grade Crossing.  (Amended)

333.03             Maximum Speed Limits.  (Amended)

333.031           Approaching a Public Safety Vehicle.  (Amended)

333.04             Stopping Vehicle.  (Amended)

333.05             Speed Limitations Over Bridges.  (Amended)

337.16             Number of Lights.  (Amended)

337.27             Drivers and Passengers Required to Wear Seat Belts.  (Amended)

341.03             Prerequisites to Operation of a Commercial Motor Vehicle.  (Amended)

351.03             Prohibited Standing of Parking Places.  (Amended)

371.01             Right of Way in Crosswalk.  (Amended)

371.02             Right of Way of Blind Person.  (Amended)

371.07             Right of Way on Sidewalk.  (Amended)

373.01             Code Application to Bicycles.  (Amended)

373.02             Riding Upon Seats.  (Amended)

373.03             Attaching Bicycle to Vehicle.  (Amended)

373.04             Riding Bicycles and Motorcycles Abreast.  (Amended)

373.05             Signal Device on Bicycle.  (Amended)

373.06             Lights and Reflector on Bicycle.  (Amended)

373.07             Riding Bicycle on Right Side of Roadway.  (Amended)

373.08             Reckless Operation.  (Amended)

Traffic Code (Cont.)

373.09             Parking of Bicycle.  (Amended)

373.10             Motorized Bicycle Operation.  (Amended)

373.11             Paths Exclusively for Bicycles.  (Amended)

373.12             Electric Bicycles.  (Added)

General Offenses Code

509.03             Disorderly Conduct.  (Amended)

537.16             Illegal Distribution of Cigarettes, Other Tobacco Products, or Alternate Nicotine Products.  (Amended)

545.10             Misuse of Credit Cards.  (Amended)

549.01             Weapons Definitions.  (Amended)

549.04             Improperly Handling a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle.  (Amended)

549.06             Unlawful Transactions in Weapons.  (Amended)

SECTION III:  That the complete text of the sections listed above is set forth in full in the 2019 Codified Ordinances.  Any summary publication of this ordinance shall include a complete listing of these sections.  Notice of adoption of each new section by reference to its title shall constitute sufficient publication of new matter contained therein.

SECTION IV:  That this Ordinance is hereby declared to be an emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, welfare and safety of the residents of the City of St. Clairsville and for the further reason that there exists an imperative necessity for the earliest publication and distribution of the 2019 Codified Ordinances to the officials and residents of the Municipality, so as to facilitate administration, daily operation and avoid practical and legal entanglements.

SECTION VThis Ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest period allowed by the Charter of the City of St. Clairsville, Ohio.

PASSED at a meeting of the Council of the City of St. Clairsville on this 2nd day of May, 2022, by the affirmative vote of 5 members of the council.

Ordinance Number 2022-20