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Resolution Number 2022-40

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Resolution #: 2022-40

ODOT Project Title: Municipal Bridge Inspection Program

The following is a Resolution enacted by the City of St. Clairsville of Belmont County, Ohio, hereinafter referred to as the Local Public Agency (LPA).

SECTION I – Project Description

WHEREAS the (LPA) has determined the need for the described project:

Bridge Inspection Program Services, including, but not limited to routine inspections, element level inspections, critical findings report, fracture critical member inspections, load rating calculations and reports, weight limits posting sign recommendations, scour assessments, scour plan of actions, development of fracture critical plans, and underwater dive inspection reports if needed.

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the City of St. Clairsville of Belmont County, Ohio.

SECTION II – Consent Statement

Being in the public interest, the LPA gives consent to the Director of Transportation to complete the above described project.

SECTION III – Cooperation Statement

The LPA shall cooperate with the Director of Transportation in the above-described project as follows:

The State shall assume and bear 100% of all the cost for Bridge Inspection Program Services requested by the City and agreed to by the State.  Eligible Bridge Inspection Services are described in the Consultant’s Scope of Services Task Order Contract (Exhibit A).

The LPA agrees to pay 100% of the cost of those features which are not included in Exhibit A.  Those features may include but not limited to the purchasing and erecting the recommended weight limits postings signs, the implementation of critical findings reports such as partial or total bridge closures, the implementation of the scour plan of actions.  When recommendations affect public safety, ODOT expects full implementation by the municipality As of October 2019, FHWA requires installing weight limits posting signs within 30 days from the official date of the approved recommendations.  Timely implementation is essential to the success of this program.

SECTION IV – Utilities and Right-of-Way Statement

The LPA agrees that all right-of-way required for the described project will be made available in accordance with current State and Federal regulations.

SECTION V – Project Duration and Consent Applicability

The Project is based on the available funds provided by ODOT aimed at assisting the LPA in reaching compliance with State and Federal laws and policies for bridge inspection.  The Project specifics (program duration, PID number, and consultant scope of services (Exhibit A)) shall be provided to the designated LPA Contractual Agent via email sent by ODOT Office of Structural Engineering (OSE).

ODOT will seek additional funds to renew the project in future years.  If such funds are allocated, ODOT will send an email with the Project specifics to the designated LPA Contractual Agent seeking approval for the new Project.  ODOT will not proceed with any Project that does not have written authorization via email from the designated LPA Contractual Agent.

SECTION VI – Authorization of Project

Jeremy Greenwood, Director of Public Service/Safety of the City of St. Clairsville is hereby empowered on behalf of the City of St. Clairsville to provide written authorization via email to the Director of Transportation to complete the above-described project and any renewals.

Passed:  September 19, 2022.

The Resolution is hereby declared to be an emergency measure to expedite the highway project and to promote highway safety.  Following appropriate legislative action, it shall take effect and be in force immediately upon its passage and approval, otherwise it shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest period allowed by law.

2022-40 Resolution VAR-STW5_PID 117554 (Consultant Services Posting) – Attachment A 9.9.22

Resolution Number 2022-40