City of St. Clairsville

Spring Yard Waste Pickup scheduled for this week (April 17 – 21, 2023)

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DATE:          March 29, 2023


SUBJECT:    Spring Yard Waste Pickup


City of St. Clairsville’s Utility Crews will pick up YARD WASTE ONLY on five (5) days in April:  Monday, April 17, through Friday, April 21.

Yard waste includes small tree and/or shrub branches which have naturally fallen over the winter months, yard trimmings, garden waste, and leaves ONLY.  To repeat, this debris must be naturally occurring; the City is not responsible for removing whole or partially downed trees from residential property.

All bagged yard waste must be in paper lawn and leaf bags (not plastic) since these bags can be composted easily.  Many local stores carry the required paper lawn and leaf bags.  Residents are advised that YARD WASTE ONLY must be placed near the curb but NOT on the sidewalk or City streets.  Limbs, branches or twigs of less than one inch in diameter can be piled beside bagged yard waste.

The yard waste collections will be organized by ward, beginning with Ward 1 on Monday, Ward 2 on Tuesday, Ward 3 on Wednesday, and Ward 4 on Thursday.

To arrange for any collection which might be needed on the final day, Friday, April 21, or ask questions in general about this service, please contact 740-695-1324 or 740-695-0156.  Thank you.