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April 18, 2022 Council Minutes

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Once approved, a link to the official council minutes will be at the bottom.


April 18, 2022 Meeting

Jim Velas, Council President                                             Kathryn Thalman, Mayor

Don Vincenzo, Council, 1st Ward                                     Jeremy Greenwood, Public Service/Safety Director

Mark Thomas, Council, 3rd Ward                                     Don Smithberger, Super. of General Services

Terra Butler, Council, 4th Ward                                         Annette Williams, Finance Director

Linda Jordan, Council-At-Large                                       Matthew Arbenz, Chief of Police

Beth Oprisch, Council-At-Large                                       Tom Murphy, Planning & Zoning Administrator

JC Thrash, Council 2nd Ward                                            Elizabeth Glick, Law Director

Mike Smith, Council-At-Large

The meeting was called to order by Council President Jim Velas at 7:00 pm. President Velas led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance. Members of the public were thanked for their attendance.


Butler                   HERE                                                Thrash             HERE

Jordan                  HERE                                                Thomas               HERE

Oprisch                HERE                                                 Vincenzo         HERE

Smith                   HERE

Seven (7) Present                          Zero (0) Absent

MINUTES: Council President Velas confirmed all Councilmembers received the minutes from the April 4th Council Meeting. Councilwoman Butler made a motion to approve the minutes from April 4, 2022, Council Meeting; motion seconded by Councilman Thomas.


Butler                    YES                                                      Thrash             YES

Jordan                   YES                                                      Thomas               YES

Oprisch                 YES                                                      Vincenzo         YES

Smith                    YES

Roll Call Vote:    Seven (7) YES    Zero (0) NO    Zero (0) ABSTAIN    Zero (0) ABSENT

Minutes Approved




REPORTS: Mayor Kathryn Thalman [ABSENT] No report

Service/Safety Director Jeremy Greenwood reported that Volunteer Energy had declared bankruptcy, directly affecting the City’s Gas Aggregate Program; other companies have expressed interest in restarting the Gas Aggregation Program with the City. A test run on the East End Water Connections SCADA system has been completed, putting the City one step closer to completing the project. The new servers for the City Building have been delivered. The Rec Center Floor is nearing completion. The City is looking at Health Insurance quotes for the City Employees. The Electric Department has received its 30th Safety Award for Excellence. The Arbor Day Celebration will be held on May 6th at 1 pm at the Rec Center.

Councilman Smith asked Mr. Greenwood what the Arbor Day Celebration would be entailing. Mr. Greenwood stated that there would be planting of trees and a speech and a blessing. Furthermore, Councilman Smith asked about how long it would take to make the permanent repairs for the I-70 Waterline Project. Mr. Greenwood stated that they expect it to take around three to four months under the best circumstances.

Councilwoman Oprisch asked Mr. Greenwood when the paving company plans to start paving in the City. Mr. Greenwood stated that he has not heard from the paving company yet and doesn’t anticipate paving to begin until the weather becomes warmer.

Councilwoman Jordan asked Mr. Greenwood if there were any updates on the water tank inspections. Mr. Greenwood stated that they had signed a contract with a company that would conduct inspections of the water tanks, but he does not have a date.

Police Chief Matt Arbenz No report

Finance Director Annette Williams reported on a Finance Committee meeting before the Council Meeting, where they discussed the finance reports for the month.

Planning & Zoning Administrator Tom Murphy Tom reported reviewing the Charter and specifically Section 105.01 Division Into Wards, which states, “The City is hereby subdivided into four wards… which boundaries are so fixed as that each Ward shall contain as nearly as practicable an equal number of inhabitants.” Mr. Murphy asked Council’s guidance on if he needed to review the most recent Census to determine the total population in each Ward. Councilwoman Oprisch and Councilman Thomas both expressed that they would like to see the population count for each Ward so that Council can comply with the Charter as closely as possible. Furthermore, Mr. Murphy reported that the term of Ed Reese, who is on the Board of Zoning Appeals, expires May 20, 2022. Mr. Murphy stated that Mr. Reese has expressed that he would like to continue as a Board Member. Moreover, Mr. Murphy explained that the appointment must be made by the Mayor, who is not at the meeting, but she has said that she would like to reappoint Mr. Reese to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Mr. Murphy explained further that it is the Council’s decision if they want to reappoint Mr. Reese tonight or wait until the Mayor is at the next meeting.

Councilwoman Jordan made a motion to reappoint Mr. Ed Reese to the Board of Zoning Appeals, seconded by Councilwoman Butler.

Law Director Elizabeth Glick stated that Council should wait to reappoint Mr. Ed Reese until the Mayor can make a formal recommendation to follow the law correctly.

Councilwoman Jordan withdrew her motion to reappoint Mr. Ed Reese to the Board of Zoning Appeals.


Finance Chair Mike Smith thanked Mr. Greenwood for saving the City around $20,000 on the Server Upgrades. Mr. Smith reported that the second portion of the Cares Act Funding should be coming shortly. Lastly, Mr. Smith stated that the Finance Committee is working on developing reports that would help the Council to understand the City’s financial standing and liabilities.

Utilities Chair Terra Butler No report

Police Chair Beth Oprisch No report.

Streets – North Side Chair Don Vincenzo No report.

Streets – South Side Chair JC Thrash No report.

Safety Chair JC Thrash No report.

Building and Grounds Chair Linda Jordan reported that the steps on the tunnel at Bike Trail are closed due to a safety hazard. The steps will be replaced in the upcoming Tunnel Remodel Project.

Planning Commission Chair Mark Thomas No report.

Fire Chair Linda Jordan No report.

Recreation Chair Mark Thomas reported that the floor at the Rec Center is coming together nicely and should be finished in time for the midterm elections on May 3rd. Councilman Thomas and Rec Director Eric Gay thanked the St. Clairsville National Honor Society Students for volunteering for the Rec Center Easter Egg Hunt last weekend.  

Park District Chair Linda Jordan No report.

ORDINANCES & RESOLUTIONS: Law Director Elizabeth Glick

No Ordinances or Resolutions

ADJOURNMENT: With no further business to come before Council, Councilman Smith made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Councilman Thrash. The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 P.M.

The next meeting will be Monday, May 2nd ,2022, at 7:00 P.M. All Councilmembers will be present at the City Building for the next meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend the in-person meeting in the Council Chambers.

April 18, 2022 Council Minutes